Researching projects in a more coherent manner is something I think will improve the focus of my work. I've always kind of missed the boat in terms of getting fully formed ideas down. But living without a printer means i rarely print research out and to be honest in this day and age it kind of seems a clumsy and un-environmentally friendly way of going about it. So from now on I'll be blogging certain resources I've been investigating. Most of this will be written content, my visual influences are changing too fast to really keep up with most of the time.

Currently in doj we're working on a project based around updating german folklore. The angle I've been interested is combining the obvious tropes of folklore, most of them being cautionary tales, with the inherent and modern dangers of the berlin club scene. As well as this I'm interested in the lingering gap between the former GDP and west Germany. So heres some links too some of the things I've been reading, a bit of visual stuff I've been referencing and hopefully you might get an idea of what I'm looking into. But mostly, this is for my own documentation.

the local - great for german current events

bbc news - a small segment one reason there are some angry young men in Germany

project gutenberg - an ebook on grimm's fairy tales, they also have an excellent section on Goethe, actually it's just pretty awesome all round

dafydd's site - a friend of mine who resides and works in Berlin who kindly helped give me an understanding of the dangers of the Berlin club scene

sulair - some interesting stuff about the GDP's poster art

the german fairy tale roads - like project gutenberg (but not as good)

bpitch - because i can't look at anything german without hearing the bpitch sound.

There was so much stuff i wanted to post here, i'll probably follow this post up soon with more.

One day Berlin, you and me are going to get romantic.

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